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October, 2018

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MAST @ Tag des Wissens

Daniel Martens, Marlo Häring, and Christoph Stanik represented MAST, Forum 4.0, OpenDataStudio, and OpenReq at the Tag des Wissens—a public event at which researchers present and discuss their work with interested citizens. Under the theme “Technik und Digitale Welten” (Technology and Digital Worlds), the event took place on September 22nd at the Hamburg University of Technology TUHH. With about 4,500 visitors, the Tag des Wissens generated a lot of interest and a campus full of curious and knowledge seeking citizens. MAST held one presentation and data analytics and one interactive workshop for kids.



Talk – Data Analytics

The talk was about “Data Analytics” covering the basics of this field and its application in our research areas App Stores and Online Journalism. Besides an introduction to data analytics, machine learning, and big data, we showed and motivated the need for and the value within publicly available user comments. In our research, we automatically analyze user comments to e.g., identify bug reports and feature requests in app stores to first, give people a chance to be heard and second, to give app developers a chance to understand their users’ needs—a task difficult to do manually, as popular apps receive thousands of user comments each day. In the EU project OpenReq, this is one of the topics we address. In our analysis of user comments in news articles, which is part of the project Forum 4.0, we aim to systematically analyze, aggregate and visualize the content and quality of comments at runtime in order to enable constructive participation. Forum 4.0 combines research from social science and computer science.

Marlo and Christoph presenting Data Analytics


Interactive Workshop – M-Lab Junior

Further, we had one interactive workshop with kids. In groups of six, the kids had to design a mobile app using pen and paper. The problem statement was: Imagine you go for a walk with your parents. You may find a leaf on the ground you have never seen before, how do you know to which tree it belongs to? Therefore, the goal was to design an innovative app to identify the tree the leaf belongs to but also to give further information on the tree.

Daniel discusses the results with the participants

Mlab-Junior workshop