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M-Lab App presented at the Press Conference of State

Hamburg’s State Minister of Science, Research and Equality Katharina Fegebank presented together with Prof. Maalej and Daniel Martens from our research department the new science app “Metropole des Wissens” at the State Press conference. The app is dedicated to all citizens interested in science. The aim of the app is to stronger connect science within the city state of Hamburg and the interested public.

The app is a success story for knowledge and technology transfer at the University of Hamburg. The initial version of the app was developed with the lighthouse-teaching project M-Lab. Within this course students develop innovative mobile apps by using the latest technology. At the beginning of the three-month course practice partners from industry, public sector, and civil institutions present the students their problem statements. The ministry for science, research and equality took part in the M-Lab course in 2015. A team of four students (Minka Halilovic, Javad Malaquti, Paul Mazgajski, and Daniel Martens) developed the initial version of the app, which aggregates content, such as news and events, of the scientific institutions within Hamburg. At the end of the project the students presented the app to the first and second major of the city of Hamburg within the town hall.

The app and its concept received great enthusiasm. It was further developed and tested, and is from now on available for free within the Apple AppStore. Katharina Fegebank, Hamburg’s State Minister of Science, Research and Equality: „With this app… citizen can dive in digitally with one click from anywhere in the Hamburg’s science“

Prof. Maalej concludes: “the students designed the app for the future and other institutions can easily integrate their content into the app — even Germany- wide” .

Follow the link to download the app within the Apple AppStore.


Press coverage:

M-Lab App “Metropole des Wissens” auf der Landespressekonferenz vorgestellt

Heute stellten die Wissenschaftssenatorin Katharina Fegebank gemeinsam mit Prof. Dr. Walid Maalej und Daniel Martens von unserem Arbeitsbereich die neue Wissenschafts-App „Metropole des Wissens“ auf der Landespressekonferenz vor. Die App richtet sich alle an der Wissenschaft interessierten Bürgerinnen und Bürger. Ziel ist es, die Wissenschaft in Hamburg noch stärker miteinander und mit der interessierten Öffentlichkeit zu verknüpfen.

Die App ist ein Erfolgsbeispiel für den Wissens- und Technologietransfer an der Universität Hamburg. Sie ist ursprünglich aus dem Lehr- und Innovationsprojekt M-Lab hervorgegangen, in dem Studierende unter Verwendung neuester Technologien innovative Smartphone-Apps entwickeln. Zu Beginn des dreimonatigen Projekt präsentieren die Praxispartner aus Wirtschaft, öffentlicher Hand und zivilgesellschaftliche Institutionen den Studierenden ihre Problemstellung. Auch die Behörde für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Gleichstellung nahm an M-Lab teil. Ein vierköpfiges Studententeam (Minka Halilovic, Javad Malaquti, Paul Mazgajski, und Daniel Martens) entwickelte dort die initiale „Metropole des Wissens“ App. Diese aggregiert die Inhalte, z.B. Neuigkeiten und Veranstaltungen, der wissenschaftlichen Institutionen Hamburgs. Im Anschluss an das Projekt haben die Studierenden dem 1. Bürgermeister und der 2. Bürgermeisterin die App im Rathaus präsentiert.

Die App und dessen Konzept stießen auf große Begeisterung. Sie wurde weiterentwickelt und getestet und ist ab sofort im Apple AppStore kostenfrei verfügbar ist. Katharina Fegebank, Senatorin für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Gleichstellung: „Mit der heute vorgestellten App tragen wir die Wissenschaft noch stärker in die Stadt und informieren Bürgerinnen und Bürger noch besser darüber, was es alles in den wissenschaftlichen Institutionen Hamburgs zu entdecken gibt. Damit kann man jetzt auch digital von überall mit einem Klick in die Wissenschaft der Stadt eintauchen. Der digitale Wandel erfasst nahezu alle Lebensbereiche. Wir gestalten diesen Wandel, nutzen seine Chancen und stärken die Schlüssel-Disziplin der Digitalisierung: die Informatik.“

Prof. Dr. Walid Maalej fügt abschließend hinzu: „Wir haben aus technischer Sicht alle Vorbereitungen getroffen um Inhalte weiterer außeruniversitärer Forschungsinstitutionen in die App zu integrieren. Dazu haben wir die neuesten Technologien verwendet. Ich würde mich sehr freuen in Kürze weitere Inhalte der Hamburger Wissenslandschaft integriert zu sehen – und in Zukunft im besten Fall auch bundesweite Inhalte.“.

Information Event for Teaching Project: M-Lab

On the upcoming Wednesday (08.06.) in Room G-021, we will host an information event about our teaching project M-Lab, offered for bachelor and master students. We are going to answer all your questions and show you project results of previous courses.

In this “lighthouse project”, student teams will develop real innovative Apps for real customers from industry, under real project conditions, and use the newest technology.


Feel free to share this information with your colleagues!

What:   M-Lab information event
Date:    Wednesday (08.06.)
Time:   11:45 – 12:30
Where: Room G-021 / G-022


M-Lab Client Acceptance Test

Once again we would like to invite you to the Client Acceptance Test, the final event of our annual lighthouse project course M-Lab. The students have worked hard in this semester and their projects are now in the final stage. During this event the students will present they projects and their “ready-to-use” apps. The “clients” will give feedback and judge the results.

A�Time: Thursday 29th January 2015 at 16:00

Place: Building F on the ground floor, Room F-132, Department of Informatics in Hamburg-Stellingen,A�


This is a public event within the university. Interested students, professors, and MOBIS partners, in particular from industry, are welcome to join. Note: this event will be in German.

More information about the course and the projects can be found here. There is also a compilation of M-Lab project posters available for download.

MOBIS at a leading event on app store analysis

Prof. Maalej gave an invited talk on a�zMining User Reviews in the App Storea�? as a part of The 36th CREST Open WorkshopA� (COW36) at the University College London.

The topic of the workshop was App Store Mining.A� App stores provide a rich source of information for software engineering research, including technical information such as the app binaries, releases and updates as well as business information such as customer reviews, pricing, and popularity. This workshop will bring together software engineering researchers from all over the world to discuss and develop the emerging research agenda in App Store Analysis.

Internationally recognized researchersA�researchers in the field participated in the workshop including Prof. Andreas Zeller, Prof. Hark Harmann, Prof. Ahmad Hassan, and others. From MOBIS, Christoph Stanik also attended the workshop and participated in the discussions. The agenda and the complete list of attendants is available on the workshop website.

The workshop is part of the CREST Open Workshop (COW) program, which started in 2009 and has so far attracted 548 different attendees from 218 different institutions spread over 42 countries. An archive of talks including slides and videos will be available on the workshop website soon. The workshop was also accompanied by a live blogging by Dr Black.

More Information:

MOBIS on YouTube

From now you can also find and follow MOBIS on YouTube. There you can watch videos of our research and teaching projects as well as other events. This includes the trailers of the M-Lab 2013 projects. Enjoy!

M-Lab Final: Client Acceptance Test

The client acceptance test is the final and most exciting event of the lighthouse project course M-Lab. During this event the students will demonstrate their “ready-to-use” Apps to the customers, who will judge the results.A�The client acceptance tests will be a public event. Everyone interested is welcome to join.A�

Time: Thursday 11th July 2013 at 16:00

Place: Seminar room C-221, building C, the Informatics Campus of the UHH in Hamburg-Stellingen.



  • 16:00 Opening remarks by Prof. Maalej and the instructor team
  • 16:10 a�?Social and Sailing Navigationa�? by the Presentec team
  • 16:30 a�?Remote Control for an in-car Infotainment Systema�? by the Volkswagen team
  • 16:50 a�?Community Assessment of Telecommunication Service Qualitya�? by the I.C.H.N. team
  • 17:10 a�?Sale-Support of Special Financial Productsa�? by the Capgemini team
  • 17:30 Get together with snacks, drinks, and an exhibition of the apps


Kickoff of M-Lab 2013 with 4 customers, 20 students, and 5 instructors

After intensive iOS and Android tutorials held for the students last week, we had today the kickoff of the lighthouse teaching project M-Lab 2013. In total 20 students, 4 companies, and 5 instructors are participating in this project. This year we have the following iOS and Android projects:

  • Capgemini Germany: Sales Support of High-End Financial Products
  • I.C.H.N. GmbH: Community Assessment of Telecommunication Service Quality
  • Presentec GmbH: Social and Sailing Navigation
  • Volkswagen AG: Remote Control for an in-car Infotainment System

After a short introduction to the course and teaching goals by the professor, the four customers presented their problem statements and expectations to the students. The students selected their preferred projects by filling an online survey. At the end we had a small get together party with drinks and pizza! Also 7 guests came to the kickoff today.

Now the students are ready to use techniques and methods of Software Engineering and Mobile Services and work together on their projects and deliver the products in 3 months.

Looking forward for great projects!

The detailed timetable for the seminars can be found on the website.


5th International Workshop on Social Software Engineering

Prof. Maalej is co-chairing theA�5th International Workshop onA�Social Software Engineering (SSE’13).

The workshop will take place onA�August 18, 2013 in Saint Petersburg, Russia and will be collocated with theA�9th joint meeting of the European Software Engineering Conference and the ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (ESEC/FSE 2013)

Important Dates

  • May 26 2013 Submission deadline
  • June 28 2013 Camera-ready
  • August 18 2013 Workshop


The Workshop on Social Software Engineering (SSE) focuses on the socialness of software engineering and of developed software. On one hand, we consider social factors in software engineering activities, processes, and CASE tools to be useful to improve the quality of development processes and the software produced by them. Examples include the role of situational awareness and multi-cultural factors in collaborative software development. On the other hand, the dynamics of the social contexts in which software could operate (e.g., in a cloud environment) calls for engineering social adaptability as a production-time iterative activity. One example is to gather usersa�� feedback on software quality and use it to autonomously or semi-autonomously adapt the software. The SSE workshop brings together academic and industrial perspectives to provide models, methods, tools, and approaches to address these issues.

Do no miss this event! Submit papers and participate!

1st European Workshop on Mobile Engineering

The 1st European Workshop on Mobile Engineering ME’13 focuses on potentials and challenges of mobile computing for the software engineering community. The workshop discusses emerging ideas, methodologies, frameworks, tools, as well as industrial experiences with the engineering and management of mobile services and applications, and aims at establishing a research community around these topics. Furthermore, the workshop provides an interactive exchange platform between the software engineering community and industrial practitioners in the mobile computing area.

Prof. Volker Gruhn will give the keynote on “Testing mobile systems”. More information including detailed program on workshop website.

Date: February 26, 2013
Place: Aachen, Germany


Walid Maalej, UniversitA�t Hamburg
Dennis Pagano, Technische UniversitA�t MA?nchen
Bernd BrA?gge, Technische UniversitA�t MA?nchen

MOBIS website lauched

We are glad to announce that our new website has been launched. You will find here latest news and information on research and teaching activities on Mobile Services and Software Engineering.