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Doctoral Seminar ST 2015

Organization / Level / Description





Prof. Dr. Walid Maalej and Dipl.-Inf. Natalia Mannov


Doctoral students


In this advanced seminar, doctoral students will present and discuss topics from these three pillars:

  • Research content: Including research topics of interest to the chair, research proposals, papers, projects, master and bachelor presentations etc.
  • Research methodology: Including how to manage your research (in particular research related to software and service technologies, context awareness, mobile services), introduction into empirical methods, tools, scientific writing etc.
  • State-of-the-art technologies: Including new, interesting technologies, which we use for our work or which we want to know more about (e.g. Podcast Produces, Ontologies, Google Web Kit, iPhone Development, UML etc.)

Moreover, we will have discussions with and talks by external guests. Also presentation of final master and bachelor theses can be part of this seminar.

The detailed syllabus will be announced later.


DATE Time Room Topic Speaker
01.04 14:00-15:00 C-104 “Integration and Visualization of Context-Sensitive Information on Smart Devices”, Master Thesis Marlo Häring
“Context-Aware Framework for Ubiquitous Feedback on Physical Services and Products”, Master Thesis Wolf Posdorfer
28.04 14:00-15:00 C-104 “Bug Report, Feature Request, or Just a Rating?”, Master Thesis Hadeer Nabil
26.05 13:00-14:00 C-101 “Using Gamification To Create Security Awareness For Mobile Device”, Master Thesis Joachim Heder
27.07 14:00-15:00 C-101 Ph.D. Candidate Talk Fariba Fazli
“A Case Study about Supporting Requirements Decisions By Considering User Feedback”,
Bachelor Thesis, final presentation
Marcel Peterlein
28.07 14:00-15:00 C-101 “An Empirical Study to Improve the Quality of Developer’s Q&As in Stack Overflow”,
Master Thesis, midterm presentation
Marko Schnecke
“An Empirical Study Towards a Quality Model for FAQs in Software Development”,
Master Thesis, midterm presentation
Irmo Timmann
“Monitoring Developer’s Actions to Generate a Question in Stack Overflow”,
Bachelor Thesis, midterm presentation
Claas Jährlings