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Doctoral seminar WT 2013/2014

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Prof. Dr. Walid Maalej and Natalia Mannov


Doctoral students


In this advanced seminar, doctoral students will present and discuss topics from these three pillars:

  • Research content: Including research topics of interest to the chair, research proposals, papers, projects, master and bachelor presentations etc.
  • Research methodology: Including how to manage your research (in particular research related to software and service technologies, context awareness, mobile services), introduction into empirical methods, tools, scientific writing etc.
  • State-of-the-art technologies: Including new, interesting technologies, which we use for our work or which we want to know more about (e.g. Podcast Produces, Ontologies, Google Web Kit, iPhone Development, UML etc.)

Moreover, we will have discussions with and talks by external guests. Also presentation of final master and bachelor theses can be part of this seminar.

The detailed syllabus will be announced later.


DATE Time Room Topic Speaker
05.09 16:00-17:00 C-104 Overcoming the Gap between Mobile and Local Purchase: Preliminary Research Methodology Norbert Beck
10.09 14:00-15:00 C-104 On the Similarity of Task Contexts Mathias Ellmann
17.09 14:00-15:00 C-104 Image Encryption in Social Networks Mona Lange
08.10 14:00-15:00 C-104 “From Users to Collaborators” – Brainstorming Prof. Dr. Walid Maalej
22.10 14:30-15:30 C-104 “Data Gathering for Online Social Networks Analysis” Nasim Nabavi
“Experiences with Project Proposals” Zijad Kurtanovic
Status Report, Master Thesis Daniel Gleim
29.10 14:00-15:00 C-104 “Scientific Review” Mathias Ellmann
12.11 14:00-15:00 C-104 Presentation of a bachelor thesis Jonas Honisch
26.11 14:00-15:00 C-104 “Presentation Skills” Prof. Dr. Walid Maalej
03.12 14:00-15:00 C-104 “Brainstorming: DFG Proposal” Mathias Ellmann, Rebecca Tiarks
10.12 14:00-15:00 C-104 “KinoApp – Design Review” A�
07.01 14:00-15:00 C-104 “Systematic Literature Review” Natalia Mannov, Zijad Kurtanovic
21.01 14:00-15:00 C-104 “Scientific Writing” Nedaa Zirjawi
28.01 10:00-11:00 C-104 “Situation Detection on Mobile Devices” Chakajkla Jesdabodi
A� A� A� “Bachelor Thesis: Status Report” David Weiser
04.02 14:00-15:00 C-104 “MUSES – State of Issues and Planning” Christoph Stanik, Natalia Mannov
11.03 14:00-15:00 C-104 Presentation of the Bachelor Thesis David Weiser