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Prof. Dr. Walid Maalej

Teaching assistants


Master: Informatics, ITMC, Intelligent Adaptive Systems, Information Systems.
This course is part of the module “Empirical Software Engineering”.


The course „Requirements Engineering“ extends the current teaching catalogue with advanced topics like Requirements Elicitation, Requirements Analysis, Modelling, Prioritization Frameworks, Traceability, Requirements Validation, and Requirements Evolution in Software Product Lines.

In addition, current topics such as User Participation, Analysis of Usage Data, Software Analytics, Requirements Knowledge, and Requirements Mining will be discussed.


  • Basic knowledge in empirical methods and how they can be applied in the field of software engineering
  • Knowledge in advanced topics in requirements engineering
  • Insights about the state of the art and current research topics in software engineering

PRELIMINARY TIMELINE (under construction)

DateStartEndMain subjectLocationTopics
01.0410:1511:45Introduction to Software RequirementsD-125Importance of Requirements, Terminology, Requirements Engineering & Managements, Empirical Research, Course objectives
08.0410:1511:45Requirements Elicitation MethodsD-125Stakeholder identifications, Interviews, Surveys, Workshops, Templates
15.0410:1511:45PrototypingD-125Horizontal and Vertical Prototyping, Mock Ups, Throwaways, Wireframes, Experiments
22.0410:1511:45No LectureD-125
29.0410:1511:45User InvolvementD-125Feedback, Socialness, Ratings, Votes, Lead users
06.0510:1511:45Mining User FeedbackD-125Text mining, Sentiments Analysis, Content Analysis
13.0510:1511:45Mining User Feedback (Continued)D-125Software Analytics, Usage Data, Analytics Techniques
20.0510:1511:45Usage Data AnalyticsD-125 Software Analytics, Usage Data, Analytics Techniques
27.0510:1511:45Requirements Analysis and Modelling ID-125Use Case Modeling, Object Modeling
03.0610:1511:45Requirements Analysis and Modelling IID-125Dynamic Modeling, After Analysis
10.0610:1511:45No LectureD-125
17.0610:1511:45Requirements Patterns and ReuseD-125Requirements Templates, Requirements Patterns Catalogue
24.0610:1511:45Negotiation and PrioritizationD-125Group decision making, Rationale management, Prioritization techniques
01.0710:1511:45Legal Requirements and ComplianceD-125Privacy, Security, Accessibility, and Safety Requirements and Standards
08.0710:1511:45Requirements TraceabilityD-125Requirements Evolution, Requirements Traceability



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