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M-Lab for Masters Winter 2014/15

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Master Project (Informatics, ITMC, Intelligent Adaptive Systems)

Lecturer, Program Manager

Prof. Dr. Walid Maalej

Teaching Assistants

Zijad KurtanovićMathias Ellmann, Natalia Mannov, Timo Johann, Wolf Posdorfer, Marlo Häring

This Year Projects 

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Project GfK SMP Behörde für Wissenschaft und Forschung
Instructor Zijad Kurtanović Natalia Mannov Mathias Ellmann
Team Philipp Ruppel  Michael Makkar  Minka Halilovic
  Gerrit Steinberg Robin Pottle  Javad Abadi
  Lars Kölln Philipp Bonfigt  Daniel Martens
  Michael Buhs Arash Komitaki  Paul Mazgajski


Last Projects

Take a look at the last project trailers at YouTube.


In this “light-house course” student teams will develop real innovative Apps for real customers from industry, under real project conditions, and using the newest technology.

In addition to software engineering concepts like object oriented analysis, design, and realization of GUI based applications, students will learn the key concepts of usability engineering, context awareness, and service management. Real industrial partners provide their problem statements. Students get real team and project experience while actually using real data and working tightly together with their customer.

Students try out techniques and methods of Software Engineering and Mobile Service Management. They make valuable experiences in teamwork, project management, and communication with customer. As underlying technology students will use mobile technologies and can choose between iOS (iPhone and iPad) or Android depending on the customers’ requirements and students preferences. Previously, these projects have led to products in App Stores, company spin-offs, or acquisitions by the customers.


  • Passed the courses Software Engineering I and II
  • Basic knowledge in at least one object oriented programming language (e.g. Java, C#, C++, or ObjC)
  • High motivation and commitment


Date Start End Main Subject Location Topics Deliverable
16.10.2014 14:00 15:00 Pre-Kickoff and Ice Breaker C-221 Introduction, Ice Breaker, Software Life Cycle  
16.10.2014 15:00 20:00 Tutorial C-221 Android Development  
23.10.2014 15:00 20:00 Tutorial C-221 iOS Development  
30.10.2014 16:00 18:00 Kickoff C-221 Presentation of Projects by Customers, Team Building  
06.11.2014 16:00 17:30 Requirements Engineering C-221 Requirements gathering Methods, interviews, surveys, observation, Requirement Quality, User study Problem Statement, Hello M-Lab (in GitHub)
13.11.2014 16:00 17:30 Prototyping C-221 Mockups, Prototypes  
20.11.2014 16:00 17:30 System and Object Design C-221 Architecture, Object Model, Patterns, Reuse, Frameworks, APIs  
27.11.2014 16:00 17:30 Testing and Quality Management C-221 Unit Testing, System testing, Usability Testing, Code Inspections, Bug Predictions  
04.12.2014 16:00 19:00 Design Review C-221 Presentation of System Design Requirements and System Design Document
11.12.2014 16:00 17:30 Usability for Mobile C-221 Usability patterns, screen design, usability guideline, usability testing    
18.12.2014  16:00 17:30 Build and Release Management  C-221 Continuous Integration, Configuration Management, Build and Release Management  
08.01.2014  16:00 17:30 Rollout and Delivery Management  C-221 How to package, publish and present Apps  
15.01.2014     Scrum Phase   Scrum Phase  
22.01.2014     Scrum Phase   Scrum Phase  
29.01.2015 16:00 19:00 Final Exhibition F-132 Final Presentations of Projects, Client Acceptance Test App, Poster & Trailer

In the weekly seminar, each team will have to prepare and give a 15-minute presentation on each subject of the seminar. Students will learn about important topics of software engineering with special focus on mobile services.

Main Milestones

The project has three main milestones:

  1. On 6th of November: You will deliver the problem statement and Hello M-Lab.
  2. On 4th of December: Design review. You will deliver and present the specification documents Mock Ups, and eventually a first prototype.
  3. On 29th of January: Client acceptance test: On this day you will present your product to the customers and a public audience. Each team will deliver a poster, a video trailer and of course the products.

Teams independently schedule their meetings with their costumers and instructors. They have to negotiate and implement the requirements with their customer.

Course Material

The weekly material can be accessed on MIN-CommSy

Project Preferences

Please choose your project preferences in the following survey. The survey will start on the 30th October at 6 pm.


  • The room for the final exhibition has changed to F-132.



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Theresa Neil:
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Darren Cook:
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