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1st European Workshop on Mobile Engineering

The 1st European Workshop on Mobile Engineering ME’13 focuses on potentials and challenges of mobile computing for the software engineering community. The workshop discusses emerging ideas, methodologies, frameworks, tools, as well as industrial experiences with the engineering and management of mobile services and applications, and aims at establishing a research community around these topics. Furthermore, the workshop provides an interactive exchange platform between the software engineering community and industrial practitioners in the mobile computing area.

Prof. Volker Gruhn will give the keynote on “Testing mobile systems”. More information including detailed program on workshop website.

Date: February 26, 2013
Place: Aachen, Germany


Walid Maalej, UniversitA�t Hamburg
Dennis Pagano, Technische UniversitA�t MA?nchen
Bernd BrA?gge, Technische UniversitA�t MA?nchen

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