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The App

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Gathering articles

Reading, sorting and filtering comments

Tool for analysis

Gathering of Articles

Gather all articles released by a journalist on different platforms

  • Find articles by a specific author
  • Use the search function to find your article
  • Mark your favorite articles to save them for later
  • You can filter out articles without comments or sort them by date, the amout of comments and more


The app presents the aggregated comments in a sorted or filtered manner

  • Specific platform selectable
  • Order by votes, release date and more
  • All the comments are put in a specificly designed comment view that allows the reader to have all the comments comfortably in one place
  • Always up to date: freshly posted comments are added instantly!

Analysing of comments

Now that we have all the comments together in one place, we can analyse them

  • For starters we have simple analytics
  • It is possible to do all kinds of things with meta data. We would like to refer to the talk of David Kriesel
  • The analysis function can be expanded. Like in the talk of Mr. Kriesel the system can be extended to offer data mining functionalities Our aim was to construct the architecture, now it is your turn to have briliant ideas what to do with the data

The Team

The four students that took on the project!

Philipp, Tim, Walter, Muhammed

The HBI team!


If you have any criticsism, feedback or just want to say hello, please use this form!