Flood Hero

Save your goods from floods

Flood Hero is the ultimate app that turns protecting your city into an exciting adventure. Challenge your friends and compete for the title of the ultimate hero of the floods!


Flood Warnings

Reveice personalized Warnings for floods to protect your property and loved ones

Weather Forecast

See upcoming weather forecasts

Rain Radar

Never forget to bring an umbrella with the rain radar

Submit data

Help Hamburg Wasser by submitting data about flood events

Reveice prizes

Submissions earn you Points which can be redeemed for cool prizes


Compete against others on the reoccuring leaderboard for extra points


Account creation

Login in with your existing Hamburg Wasser account or create a new Flood Hero account.

Start submitting

Submit information about rain events and floods to Hamburg Wasser. This will help them update their databases and keep the city secure from floods.

Point System

Useful submission earn you Droplets, which can be turned into real-life prizes.

Compete on the Leaderboard

Each users points are also reflected on the leaderboard. Race to the top to earn additional rewards!

Warning System

Add locations important to the app, to get alerted when these locations are in danger of flooding.

And much more


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Our Expert Team

Leon Fritz


Serhat Yergin


Jan-Ole Schulze

Project Lead

Tim Helmke

UI/UX Designer

Hashaam Ahsan



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