Know your air everywhere

Airmosa uses artificial intelligent module to estimate your concentration, stress and fatigue levels based quality of the air in your surroundings


Amazing Features

Air Measurement

Support air measuring device airQ

Artifical Intelligence

Get personalized forecasts of mental health*

User Friendly

Easy to navigate, schedule notifications and contact form


Data transactions under GDRP standards

Cognitive game

Used for better focus and increase your productivity!

Personal assessment

Fill out quick questionnaires for better forecast of mental health parameters*

*Mental health includes: concentration, stress and fatigue levels.

How it works?

Secure login

Perform secure login with your ID to use our app

Connect the airQ device

Connect one or more airQ device to Airmosa app to increase performance and productivity measurement of your everyday life!

Fill out questionnaire

Answer easy questions that are needed for better prediction of your mental health factors. You get notifications to keep yourself in schedule, customize them to your needs and privacy regulations

Cognitive assessement

Increase concentration using our game before conducting the questionnaire

Enjoy the performance overview

Based on airQ data and filled questionnaire Artifical Intelligence generates predictions of concentration, stress and fatigue levels.

And much more


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Our Expert Team

Volodymyr Shvets

Team Leader. Software developer

Aref El-Maarawi Tefur

Head of Frontend development. Software developer

Josua Spisak

AI Model developer. Frontend developer

Tilman Immisch


Ahmedullah Neyazi

Project manager. Software developer

Finn Rodenberg

Software developer. Documentation

Lukas Heyer

Software Developer. Documentation


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