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Christoph Stanik, M.Sc.

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Room: D 212

Phone: (+49) 040 428 83-2105

E-mail: stanik(at)informatik.uni-hamburg.de

Website: christophstanik.me



Christoph Stanik is a research associate at the Applied Software Technology Group at the University of Hamburg. He holds a master’s degree (M.Sc.) in information systems with the minor in Management and Development of Information Systems from the University of Hamburg. Since 2013, he represents HITeC in several national and international projects. In his research, he focuses on the recommendation of new requirements to developers based on the identification of user needs in app stores and social media.


  • Requirements Engineering
  • App Store Analytics
  • Recommender System
  • Applied Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing
  • Mobile Analytics
  • Context-Aware Adaptive Systems


  • [2017 – 2020] : OpenReq Intelligent Recommendation & Decision Technologies for Community-Driven Requirements Engineering
  • [2015 – 2016] : HOOU Hamburg Open Online University
  • [2014 – 2015] : Flunx An end-to-end encrypted messaging and networking app
  • [2012 – 2015] : MUSES Multiplatform Usable Endpoint Security, EU FP7 STREP project



  • [2019] : Christoph Stanik and Walid Maalej: Requirements Intelligence with OpenReq Analytics. Posters and Tool Demos: 27th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference, 2019.
  • [2019] : Christoph Stanik and Walid Maalej: Classifying Multilingual User Feedback using Traditional Machine Learning and Deep Learning. AIRE Workshop: 27th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference, 2019.
  • [2019] : Alexander Felfernig, Martin Stettinger, Manfred Wundara, Christoph Stanik: Künstliche Intelligenz in der Öffentlichen Verwaltung: Status Quo und zukünftige Entwicklungen. Handbuch E-Government: Technikinduzierte Verwaltungsentwicklung, 2019.
  • [2018] : Christoph Stanik, Lloyd Montgomery, Daniel Martens, Davide Fucci and Walid Maalej: A Simple NLP-based Approach to Support Onboarding and Retention in Open-Source Communities. 34th IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME), 2018.
  • [2018] : Davide Fucci, Christoph Stanik, Lloyd Montgomery, Zijad Kurtanovic, Timo Johann, Walid Maalej: Research on NLP for RE at the University of Hamburg: A Report. REFSQ Workshops, 2018.
  • [2017] : Timo Johann, Christoph Stanik, Alireza M.Alizadeh B. and Walid Maalej: SAFE: A Simple Approach for Feature Extraction from App Descriptions and App Reviews. Proceedings of the 25th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference. to appear, 2017.
  • [2016] : Walid Maalej, Zijad Kurtanovic, Hadeer Nabil, and Christoph Stanik: On the Automatic Classification of App Reviews. Requirements Engineering, Springer-Verlag London, 2016.