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Dipl.-Inf. Zijad Kurtanović

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Room: D 215

Phone: (+49) 040 428 83-2314

E-Mail: kurtanovic(at)informatik.uni-hamburg.de




Short CV

Zijad Kurtanović is a research associate and a doctoral candidate at the Mobile Services and Context Aware Software Engineering Group. He holds a master’s degree (Dipl.-Inf.) in computer science with minor in mathematics from the Goethe University Frankfurt.
He has several years of experience in industry as a software engineer and began his research in 2010 as an external PhD candidate at Goethe University Frankfurt in the field of multi-agent systems (knowledge acquisition and automated negotiation).
His current research focuses on applying machine learning approaches to mine actionable insights from user comments, particularly on studying and mining the rationale of users.

Research Interests

  • Software Engineering and Management
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Applied Machine Learning
  • Recommender Systems
  • Empirical Research
  • Learning and Teaching in Higher Education


  • OPENREQ: Intelligent Recommendation & Decision Technologies for Community-Driven Requirements Engineering
  • SCAn: Systematic Content Analysis of User Comments for Journalists


Previous Courses


  • Zijad Kurtanovic and Walid Maalej: Automatically Classifying Functional and Non-Functional Requirements Using Supervised Machine Learning, Data Challenge track of 25th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE’17), Page(s): to appear, IEEE, 2017.
  • Zijad Kurtanovic and Walid Maalej: Mining User Rationale from Software Reviews, Proceedings of the 25th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE’17), Page(s): to appear, IEEE, 2017.
  • Walid Maalej, Zijad Kurtanovic, Hadeer Nabil, and Christoph Stanik: On the Automatic Classification of App Reviews. Requirements Engineering, Springer-Verlag London, 2016, doi:10.1007/s00766-016-0251-9.
  • Nedaa Zirjawi, Zijad Kurtanovic, and Walid Maalej: A Survey about User Requirements for Biometric Authentication on Smartphones. 2nd Workshop on Evolving Security and Privacy Requirements Engineering (ESPRE) held at RE’15, Page(s): 1-6, IEEE, 2015.
  • Walid Maalej, Zijad Kurtanovic, and Alexander Felfernig: What Stakeholders Need to Know About Requirements. 4th Workshop on Empirical Requirements Engineering (EmpiRE) held at RE’14, Page(s): 64-71, IEEE, 2014.
  • Schumann, René, Zijad Kurtanovic, and Ingo J. Timm: Specification of Trade-Off Strategies for Agents: A Model-Driven Approach. In Agent-Oriented Software Engineering XIII, Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2013.
  • Schumann, René; Kurtanovic, Zijad; Timm, Ingo J.: Model-driven Specification of Strategies for Negotiating Agents. Proceedings of the 13th. International Workshop on Agent-Oriented Software Engineering (AOSE) held at AAMAS 2012, Valencia, Spain, 2012.

Student Projects

  • T. Reetz: A Recommender Framework for Skills Management (12/2016 – 03/2017)
  • J. Schmid: Automatic Mining of Pro and Contra Arguments in Online Discussion (05/2016 – 11/2016)
  • D. Dabrowski: Systematic Mining of User Rationale in Software Reviews (09/2015 – 03/2016)
  • S. Müller: Relationship between Price and User Requirements in App Stores (04/2015 – 10/2015)
  • M. Peterlein: A Case Study about Supporting Requirements Decisions By Considering User Feedback (02/2015 – 07/2015)

If you intend to write your thesis at MAST, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. Please send me an email with your contact information, your short CV, and your topic or idea of interest.