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Architecture for Mobile Services


Prof. Dr. Walid Maalej

Teaching assistants

Zardosht Hodaie, Timo Johann and Rebecca Tiarks


Master (Informatics, ITMC, Intelligent Adaptive Systems, Information Systems)


In the seminar we will discuss advanced topics of Architecture for Mobile Services. The student task will consists of:

  • Reading suggested papers and doing research about the topic
  • Preparing a 30 min. presentation including 10 min. discussion
  • Preparing an extended abstract (2 pages) to summarize the topic (including the student’s opinion about it.)

When preparing your presentation, the following questions should be considered:

  • What is the problem related to this topic?
  • Why do we need this?
  • What is the status quo?
  • Which solution approaches and software architectures exist?
  • Can I give a demo?
  • What are open issues for future research?


Mobile development platforms: status and trends
Wolf Posdorfer

Platform architecture portfolio: comparison of 3 platforms
Marlo Haering

Usability engineering for mobile
Zornitsa Tsvetanova

Usability engineering and Personalized Interface Design
Amir Ghias Abadi

Enabling user involvements
Behzad Weis

Service-oriented architectures for mobile
Asad Sajid

Mobile services in the cloud
Sven Thoene

Performance and privacy patterns
Kai Brummund

Mobile Sensing
Christoph Stanik

Context aware architectures for mobile
Julian Knoll

Architectures of mobile adaptive systems
Falk Oswald

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