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Theses at MAST



General Information

Conducting the thesis project as well as writing and defending your thesis is the last challenge to complete your study. Since these steps take a lot of effort, it is crucial to find an appropriate topic and appropriate supervisor. If you want to write your thesis at our group you can either suggest your own research idea or take a look at our projects and current papers for inspiration. We will then help you fine tuning the scope and successfully conducting the project.

For pitfalls and best practices on conducting a thesis project, we highly recommend the Blog Thesis Guide. In the following we list the ongoing and completed theses supervised by our MOBIS.

Ongoing Theses 

Alexander Oeser An Empirical Study of Software Development Screencasts to enrich API Reference Documentation 10/2016
Daniel Martens Augmenting App Reviews with Context Data 04/2016
Javad Malaquti Khah Olun Abadi A Recommender System for Students in Hamburg Open Online University 03/2016
Dennis Sobczak Elaborating of an automatically configurable system to connect the number of clients in a supermarket 01/2016
Ersin Yildrim Link prediction in mobile environments using applied predictive analytics 01/2016
Evgeni Ploshtakov Development and Evaluation of Benefit-Driven Gudielines for the Customization of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Software 01/2016
Sahakanush Baghdasaryan An App-Prototype for Context Aware Eliciatation and Management of User Data on Smartphones 01/2016
Benjamin Cohrs An Android App for the Visualization of Facilities in Automated Warehouses 10/2015


Completed Theses 

Claas Jährling Monitoring Developer’s Actions to Generate a Question in Stack Overflow. 11/2015
Irmo Timmann An Empirical Study Towards a Quality Model for FAQs in Software Development. 11/2015
Marko Schnecke An Empirical Study to Improve the Quality of Developer’s Q&As in Stack Overflow. 11/2015
Daniel Dabrowski Systematic Mining of User Rationale in Software Reviews 03/2016
Stefanie Müller Relationship between Price and User Requirements in App Stores 10/2015
Marcel Peterlein A Case Study about Supporting Requirements Decisions By Considering User Feedback 07/2015
Marius Fink Continuous, context-free speech and speaker recognition on mobile devices 05/2015
Joachim Heder Using Gamification to Create Security Awareness for Mobile Devices 04/2015
Marlo Häring Integration and Visualization of Context-Sensitive Information on Smart Devices 04/2015
Sonja Weichler Verfügbarkeitserhöhung von IPTV-Diensten bei Handover-Vorgängen in VANETs durch eine A-priori-Reservierung von TV-Kanälen in benachbarten Funkzellen 04/2015
Arash Soleimani Komitaki Development of a Smart Glass app for interactive audience support during live presentations 03/2015
Burak Özfalci Conception of a Smart Glass app for interactive audience support during live presentations 03/2015
Nina Ehnes Bring Your Own Device: Analyse der sicherheitsrelevanten Kontextfaktoren 01/2015
Daniel Gleim A Context-Based Recommendation System for Security Awareness on Smart Devices 12/2014
Mathias von Bargen Mobile In-App Conversion Tracking – State-of-the- Art and Recommendations for a Large Software Vendor 12/2014
Christoph Stanik A Feature Recommendation System based on the Comparison of the Description and Reviews of Similar Apps 10/2014
Henrik Friedrichsen Development of a System for Contiuous Feedback During Face-To-Face Teaching 10/2014
Chnes Nina Bring Your Own Device: Analyse der sicherheitsrelevanten Kontextfaktoren 09/2014
Daniel Martens Noise pollution monitoring from the citizens’ perspective using smart devices. 09/2014
Marc Grimpo An Eclipse Plugin for Capturing and Sharing of Solutions for Software Development Issues. 09/2014
Maximilian Lazar Mobile Analytics: Collecting and Understanding App Usage Data 09/2014
Wolf Posdorfer Context-aware framework for ubiquitous feedback on physical products and services 04/2014
David Weiser Klassifizierung der Smartphone-Nutzung in Private und Geschäftliche Sitzungen 03/2014
Ann-Kathrin Drews Development of a Voting system for iPad 12/2013
Jonas Honisch Entwurf und Implementierung eines 3D-Gestensteuerungsmoduls für Infotainment Systeme im Auto 09/2013